PLAN… That Dirty Four Letter Word!

Today I planned to bake bread, an experimental loaf, get my walk in, and do some much needed weed whacking around the yard.

The bread wasn’t anything much different than normal, I just wanted to increase the whole grain percent, and with it, the hydration level. I have discovered that while I am perfectly happy with one hundred percent whole wheat yeast bread, that’s enriched with eggs, butter and honey, I quite dislike sourdough whole wheat bread.

In all honestly, I don’t care for the taste of sourdough period, which is why I make my loaves the way I do. I want the fermentation for the health benefit. By always storing a small amount of starter (10-15grams) and feeding it up to the amount needed for my bakes, and a shorter fermentation process (eight hours overnight, no long refrigerated proofs), my loaves are only mild sour.

I like this flavor much more with white flour. The more whole grain I use, the more sour it tastes to me. I love using whole grains in a lot of things… just not sourdough bread.

This mornings bake was 81% hydration. 400g’s water, 200g’s spelt, 300g’s bread flour, 10g’s salt, and 23g’s honey. It’s a good tasting loaf, had excellent oven spring, but still spread out a bit too much, so it needs either more wholegrain (which absorbs significantly more water than white flour does) or less hydrations. I think it’s about at my taste limit for wholegrain in a sourdough loaf, so I’ll cut the water back to 380 grams.

Or… I need to start playing around with enriched, whole grain sourdough. I haven’t done much of that, at least without a recipe.

So the bread got baked. I got my walk in. But the weed whacker won’t start. Jim says it’s time to replace it. So that isn’t happening today, and I don’t feel like pulling weeds… it’s too wet to mow.

I’ll be doing some production mask sewing today. I washed a bunch of yardage and pressed it, and have cut a handful of masks out. Our town has requested a ton and received few as of yet.

I’ve set up two machines, both threaded with dark green thread, one with an edge stitch foot and the needle in the far right position for doing the ties, and the other with a straight stitch foot to do the general sewing. Less hassle for me that, as I struggle changing presser feet on these machines. Years of sewing on Bernina’s with their clamp on feet has spoiled me!

CJ Tinkle

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