Score! Covington Sienna 698 Fabric

Oh color me happy! It’s been MANY years that I bought 20 or so yards of the fabric I used to create all of my sewing machine covers. The last (my Babylock Ovation) I had to improvise with a fabric that coordinated. Actually, several of them were made from scraps I cut from machines I’ve sold since then, and was able to reuse.

On the first cover pictured here, one of the last that I made, I had to mix in some striped fabric on the embroidery portion. The entire cover for my Babylock Ovation is made out of the stripes, which I don’t love.

I had purchased that lovely linen floral fabric at Hobby Lobby, and it’s been gone for many years. Having promised to make a friend covers for her two machines, I loaned her my featherweight cover that goes with these, because I sold my featherweights and don’t anticipate ever owning another.

I knew I could still get the Moda Grunge (the red), but this morning on a lark, I pulled down the box of remnants from the covers and found a small piece of the floral fabric with the design info on the selvedge. I googled it (I’ve done this before!) and holy cow, I found some! I ordered five more yards of it!

I won’t have to redo my entire sewing room if I change out any more machines, woohoo!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Denise Fischer

    Wow! That’s amazing. Your sewing machine covers are how i found your blog years ago.

    1. tinksquared

      Really? That’s cool Denise! I can’t tell you how excited I am to find more of that fabric!

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