Second Test Sew

Embroidered Doll Dress

I did a few things different on this test sew. All in all, I much prefer the outcome of this blue dress to the pink one, but I’m still undecided on stabilizer. The blue dress is sewn with Kona Cotton. The pink one was Moda Bella Solids.

I went outside to photograph the dress just as the sun was peeking up, as it seems to be the only time I get true colors.

For this dress I used Isacord polyester threads versus the thinner DMC#50 cotton I embroidered the pink dress with. To me the difference is negligible, and I prefer the bit of sheen of the polyester thread… not to mention I prefer sewing, quilting and embroidery hands down with poly threads versus cotton.

I had decided prior to starting the blue dress not to trim the scallops at the hem, and I really, really like this better!

I used clear KAMsnaps. These are the best things ever! They’re easy to install, and easy to use. My hands struggle with little buttons, velcro gets caught on everything, and zippers often look out of place.

I no longer seam the back of the dress, leaving the closure to the bodice, and it’s so much easier to dress the doll that way.

I made the topstitching at the waist a little closer to the seam… it looks better.

My original thought was to place a single growth tuck under the scallops and insert lace.

I asked on Facebook for opinions, and I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate the instant feedback! It’s like having a private design team! Opinions were pretty mixed on this, but the longer I looked at it, the more I agreed with the lace dissenters.

I chose instead to add one more growth tuck, which added a bit of stiffness to the hem and makes the bottom of the dress stand out more, which I really like.

Saying that, next time I do believe I will add two or three rows of pintucks there instead of the growth tucks. I believe it will look better, a bit more delicate.

Now for what I didn’t like… the stabilizer. Again. I used a medium weight tear away this time, and there was far less puckering since I didn’t have to rinse it. I think the puckering on the pink dress was a combination of wash away stabilizer and cotton thread.

It sewed out beautifully, but trying to remove the tear away was a nightmare, and of course I can’t get all of it off.

So I think one more test sew, and I believe this time I will stick with Isacord polyester thread, but try TWO layers of wash aways (Vilene) stabilizer.

Unless of course, any of my readers have a better suggestion? If so, I am all ears!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Lani

    Those dresses are adorable!!!! What a talented seamstress you are.

  2. Chris

    The pink one looks like a sun dress and the blue like a fancy, maybe Easter dress. They’re both beautiful and I’m certain Nikki loves them both. 🙂 You comment about the KAM snaps has be intrigued. Could you do a post about them? And also, where did you get those cute shoes Nikki is wearing? Aren’t I just the trouble maker this morning?

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Chris :). I will do a post with the KAMsnaps on the next dress. They are really wonderful! I’m pretty sure those shoes came from Ebay. I just ordered a stand so I can start learning to make my own.

  3. Hélène Dahl

    I find it interesting to read your comments on the use of the stabilizer. Personally I prefer the pink dress. I really like the scalloped edge.

    1. tinksquared

      I find tear away stabilizer works great for most of the things I make. I alway struggle with cut away and mesh. I don’t usually have issues with water soluble, so I’m hoping it’s the cotton thread. I probably won’t do any more with scallops cut out.

  4. Mary Ann

    The dresses are beautiful CJ. I like the pin tucks on the blue one.

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