Silhouette Print and Cut

I’m not being very productive today. I’ve been playing on the computer and with my Silhouette Cameo. I bought my first Cameo (V2) some years ago, and never once used it. I gave it to a friend and purchased the Cameo 3 when it came out… which again, was some time ago.

I only really started using it as well, last year. But I’m beginning to play with it more and more and really enjoy it. This morning I was playing in “Wild Things Dolls” software as I’d like to start drafting my own designs, and learned how to print a pattern to .pdf, import it into the Silhouette software as a vector, and utilize “Print and Cut”, which is totally cool!

First the pattern is printed via a standard printer with registration marks, then the pattern is sent to the Cameo, where it perfectly cuts the pattern out for me, woohoo! What a time saver that will be!

And I can do the same with all my purchased .pdf patterns. Cutting out all those little paper pieces is time consuming, and I don’t do it as perfectly as the machine does.

The came will cut plastic template or card stock as well, so I could cut more durable patterns out if I choose.

Jim wanted pasta tonight, so earlier this morning I made fresh egg pasta.

The man is spoiled! I actually love making homemade pasta, it’s quick and easy to do. Not to mention delicious!

I finished another quick doll dress.

I learned a new technique that made my day! One of the things I’ve been focused on learning is finished seams. I don’t care to see any exposed seams, but the standard finishing of a bodice over the skirt waist requires sewing the bodice front to the skirt, then hand stitching the lining over the inside seam.

By reversing this, and sewing the lining to the skirt first, you can then fold the bodice front over the seam and top stitch it in place, nicely finished and no hand sewing!

I made some of my “No Bake Cookies for Big Kids” today. I love those crazy things!

You might see more of my silly little avatar in my blog posts. Facebook implemented them recently and they rather tickle my fancy!

CJ Tinkle

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