Snapping Turtles and Snakes, Oh My!

Yesterday was cloud covered and very windy, and absolute beautiful day to walk at the lake after lunch, despite being over eighty degrees. It felt fabulous!

I met a couple of the girls and we got our six miles in, but while walking we almost stepped on a large copperhead, noticing it just in time to step well back and chase it off the trail with a branch and some rocks. Scary, as it was quite angry and jumping.

Further up the trail we came upon a snapping turtle.

Now mean humans don’t scare me nearly as much as animals do, even with poor odds, I’d rather fight one of them off if I had to, but dogs, snakes, snapping turtles, horses… yep they make me scream like a little girl. Not so for my friend there, she picked it up! And got promptly snagged with one of those vicious toe nails. She bled quite a bit on our walk back to our vehicles, before finding a fisherman and his wife who happened to have a first aid kit with them.

The whole wheat addition to my pizza dough was a success, in fact I think I’ve finalized my dough experiments for now.

50g 100% hydration rye starter
375g water
20g honey
20g olive oil
150g wheat flour (I used hard white wheat)
350g bread flour
12g salt

I started my dough on Friday afternoon around 3 or 4pm, did stretch and folds until bedtime, set it in the fridge overnight, did a stretch and fold in the morning, and left in on the counter for another 8 hours or so, until it was nice and fluffy. I then divided it into two balls, oiled them, and put them in a covered container back in the fridge overnight again. I took them out of the fridge about 90 minutes before we wanted to eat, giving them enough time to come to room temperature and then stretch into circles.

As you can see in the last shot, the addition of wheat flour didn’t effect the texture of the dough at all. It’s still lovely and airy, and nice and crisp. I could easily add more, likely up to 50% depending on the type of wheat, but just the addition of the 150g’s was enough that I could taste it. Pizza is all about the dough to me. It makes or breaks a pizza. Anymore wheat, and it would ruin my flavor expectations for fabulous pizza. As is, it’s perfection. Just enough to give it some depth.

The higher hydration paired with the longer fermentation time does magical things to pizza dough, and I will likely see about extending my fermentation up to another day and see if the difference is noticeable.

I baked mom and I a couple of loaves of my 100% whole wheat bread yesterday morning, yeasted version, after milling some wheat for it, sent a loaf of it, a dozen eggs, and her pizza remains home with her.

I ended yesterday with a total of 24,921 steps, burned 854 calories, and walked a distance of 11.4 miles for the day, 6 of which was my walk at the lake with the girls. I am loving the in-depth data the Apple Watch is providing me, with heart rate monitoring, pace while walking in REAL time, so I can force myself to slow down when I walk by myself, as I automatically pick up the pace to an average of 16mph, which will give me shin splints every time. It could only be better if Siri were to scream, “Shin splint territory, slow down idiot!”

The quilt on the longarm keeps taunting me in the distant recesses of my brain. I have to walk past it several times a day, and it’s beginning to play guilty head trips on me. So maybe this year? Sometime?

I’m off for another walk this morning. I didn’t lose anymore yesterday, but I was thrilled to see I hadn’t put a pound back on after pizza for lunch and wings for dinner! No more wings. They are just WAY too high in calories.

CJ Tinkle

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