So Close!

I could have kicked myself last night, and I’m amazed that Miss Myrtle didn’t sneak out and jab me with the seam ripper again, but I ran out of steam about thirty minutes away from finishing the quilt on the longarm. My back was screaming and my eyes weren’t focusing.

Here’s the setting triangles. The corner ones are a different but I’ll show them when I get the quilt done.

I’m going to kick myself when I have to start burying all those thread tails, but I’ll do that off of the longarm. I normally tie and bury as I go, but it was more important for my motivation to get the darn thing off the frame.

I did end up getting a bicycle ride in yesterday. I was very curious to see how the Apple Watch tracked it.

It was a gorgeous day and perfect bike riding weather. I did 8.5 miles, and was surprised to see how elevated my heart rate was. The entire time I was riding, at an average speed of 10mph, my heart rate ranged from 140-168. I have a difficult time getting it over 100 when I walk, without hurting myself.

I have my exercise ring set to an hour per day. That’s easily achievable when I walk, as it’s usually and hour and a half to two hours, but I don’t think I can bike for a full hour without having a heart attack. Biking is far more strenuous on my heart, but my body sure appreciates it, while walking pounds my back and feet and they suffer for it.

I will try and get a ride in again today, and I WILL finish that quilt! I literally have thirty minutes left to do on it.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. jennifer

    Can’t wait to the finished project.

    My knees SCREAM when I walk, so I bike ride and use the rowing machine. When the temp gets into the low 40s in the mornings I’ll start riding my bike to work. It’s only two miles, but I love riding in the mornings, so refreshing. The ride home gets the heart rate up with inattentive drivers running red lights, but it’s only one intersection.

    1. tinksquared

      Walking is the one exercise that doesn’t bother my knees at all. I don’t like to ride my bike on highways, but I LOVE riding in town!

  2. Maxine

    You go girl!!

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