Social Distancing? Not for the Cool Kids!

Lack of Responsibility

Jim had to make a trip to Lowe’s yesterday to replace our weed eater. They had a nice Craftsmen model for 40% off! He wore the face mask I made him, and gloves, and did his best to maintain the recommended six foot distance.

He saw no one else in a mask or gloves! And no one practicing social distancing! In fact, he had to ask several people to keep their distance. The weed eater he wanted was up on a shelf, and so he used the store ladder to retrieve it, which led to several people making the assumption that he worked there. Jim said they didn’t believe him when he told them he wasn’t an employee. They insisted he must be, since he was a) on the ladder, b) wearing a face mask and gloves to protect them, and c) maintaining a six foot distance wasn’t necessary as he was in gloves and a mask.

Meanwhile, the US now has more confirmed cases than anywhere else in the world.

I spent most of yesterday working on face masks. I cut and partially sewed a dozen, and hope to have them finished by today. I thinking pressing takes more time than anything! But I get tired and take frequent breaks. Next time, I won’t prep a dozen. I need the instant gratification of a finish to stay motivated!

The ties would probably go ten times faster if I’d pull out my Bernina and put on the bias binder foot, however that would only be a single fold bias tape and I really think they need to be double fold. This particular method is slow and tedious, certainly compared to using elastic, but these will hold up to numerous uses and washes.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. L Schmidt

    I made 25 masks for my daughter’s clinic. I wore one to the grocery store and it was effective to keep people away! They looked at me and went the other way!

    1. tinksquared

      You’d think it would remind them to keep their distance at least! But no such luck! It’s crazy.

  2. Linda in NE

    The cool kids, or maybe just all young people, think they are invincible and some never outgrow it.

    1. tinksquared

      The two people that approached Jim at Lowe’s were middle aged, and one was elderly!

  3. Diane T Stump

    I made one tie and quit for the evening. It is tedious. I have never used my binder and didn’t want to try it out now. I’ll get back on the masks today.

    1. tinksquared

      Yes, they aren’t what I’d call an enjoyable sew 🙂

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