Social Media Experiment

I think I have weird chickens. Every time Jim or I muck out the coop and replace the bedding, the hens use all the nesting boxes to lay their eggs… for the first day. It’s like, “Hey look mom! New shoes! I can jump higher!” Do they think they can lay better? Faster?

And then they all go back to sharing just one box, like always.

What on earth does that have to do with social media? Nada. Zip. But it’s part of the little things in life I take pleasure in… again.

A week ago I decided I needed to get off of Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. I haven’t deleted my accounts, and I probably will not. A number of people I’ve communicated with for years (mostly about quilting and baking) contact me on messenger, and I’d like to keep that avenue open.

Social media may be today’s front porch, and while you can choose whom you invite to pull up a chair next to you, you can’t stop the pervading bad smell from next door from sneaking over. It’s everywhere. The air stinks.

I want flowers in my life. A gentle breeze carrying the scent of spring blossoms and pine trees. Bach playing softly in the background. The aroma of sourdough bread baking and coffee brewing. Friends. Real ones.

The noise volume in my head has quieted down immensely in the past week. I’m sleeping… for maybe the first time in years. The blood pressure medication has me feeling so much better, and while I still pretty much get a daily headache, they’re just headaches now. I haven’t had a migraine in over a month.

I’m getting things done again. Reading more, listening to more music, less news. Walking, gardening, baking bread.

I believe this will prove to be an excellent choice. Maybe at some point, my joy in quilting will come back.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Diane Obernesser

    You need to do what makes you feel good. Sounds like you have. Glad I can still be connected with you. You offer so much information. I would miss that. BTW how do you like your Breville oven? I need to replace my toaster & am considering the Breville convection oven–know it’s way much more than a toaster. Thanks. Glad to hear the headaches are better. My daughter has suffered them for years-they’re so debilitating.

    1. tinksquared

      I LOVE the Breville oven! I use it everyday. Especially with Jim gone it’s fantastic for small sheet meals for myself.

  2. Ronda Mersmann

    Agreed! I’ve followed you for years but never reached out. I agree with your assessment. Social media can be a time waster and frustrating at times. I like that your posts come right to my email, and I can peek in when one does. I like seeing your new creations. You’re good!

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Ronda. My creativity well seems to be pretty dry lately. I’m actually OK with that. I am really enjoying the sunshine, classical music, and quiet.

  3. Sandra

    So glad you are feeling better. I really enjoy hearing from you .You are such a talent on every thing you do. I do hope you keep me on your email list as I do not go to social media.

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Sandra. You are obviously smarter than I am!

  4. Donna Rowe

    Glad it’s working for you – but also thankful that you are blogging. Also thankful your headaches are so much better.

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Donna. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am that my headaches are better!

  5. Chris P

    Happy to hear that you are getting much needed rest, enjoying your relaxation and that your medicine appears to have worked at reducing your migraine to head ache level. I do miss your posts, but follow you here so I will still get to be a noisy not so close neighbor.

    1. tinksquared

      Sleeping and no migraines is miraculous. The funny thing is, rather than me me feel more ambitious to get things done, it’s made me want to slow down and enjoy it. It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt this well.

  6. Michele Engebretson

    Glad you are feeling well!

    1. tinksquared

      Me too Michele! This beautiful weather doesn’t hurt a thing either!

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