I have filled the last bit of space in our freezer with tomatoes from the garden, we are eating them as fast as we can, but today I decided I better make some sauce and use up the bunch we had on the counter.

I had to do five containers full!

I thought after I ran them through the VitaMix (yes, skins and seeds, the VitaMix pulverizes them) they would all fit in a large saucepan, but this seemed a bit risky!

Most of it will cook away, but I still have to add wine, herbs, Italian sauce, onion, garlic, and a bit of carrots and celery.

I poured it into a Dutch oven instead. I wasn’t up to cleaning up all the tomato splatters that surely would have covered everything had I left it in the smaller pot.

It smells wonderful! While it’s cooking down, I made some fresh egg pasta.

I’m waiting for Jim to process more honey so I can bottle it up, that’s what I plan to be doing tomorrow.

CJ Tinkle

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