Still Playing with Appliqué Options

I’m having a difficult time making up my mind on the appliqués. I played around with the addition of some various circles.

Anything look right to anyone? Feel free to critique away, you won’t hurt my feelings.

Or does everyone still prefer this one?

Since I can’t decide, I’m trying my best to digitize an appliqué file so that I can appliqué these with my embroidery machine, instead of by hand, but I know nothing about digitizing so we’ll see if I have any success. Probably not. I have managed to get the shape in the correct sized with a single outline into software, so there’s that.

I’m also trying to get the RV packed for Jim, he’s head to Georgia next week for another contract. I’m going to bake a couple batches of cookies up and freeze them for him to take along.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Karen Hartley

    I like B the best. Accuquilt has embroidery files for all their applique dyes. Accuquilt has an embroidery file for the dye you used.

  2. Karen Hartley

    I see the difference now, your dye is #1 and the embroidery file is #2. I didn’t see an embroidery file for #1. I couldn’t find an embroidery file for #1. Good Luck digitizing. That is something that I have problems with.

    1. tinksquared

      Yes mine is #1, thank you anyway, I appreciate it. I don’t know if the #2 would work with my #2 die either, as mine are Studio dies and those are GO! dies. Might be different sizes?

  3. Sue

    I like the circles—either a or b. Maybe look at some antique appliqué quilts for inspiration.

    1. tinksquared

      Yep, A or B. Or more fabric for more options 🙂

  4. Chris Miller

    B, but A is a close second. But you’re going to be sitting in front of it–what do you want to see?

    1. tinksquared

      Well if I had that answer, I wouldn’t be begging for advice! LOL

  5. Diane Obernesser

    I like C because the circles help to focus on the star & more room for quilting.

    1. tinksquared

      Oh I am NOT custom quilting this one, it’s going to get a panto!

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