Jim and I took a 9.5 mile bicycle ride this morning. It got cut short when we discovered two stowaways in my Brompton bag!

It was a gorgeous morning, and the four of us took a walk around campus, then headed over to the playground… Miss Myrtle wouldn’t let up about playing on the slide, even though Nikki was wearing her best dress.

Nikki found a basket and spent most of her time happily picking flowers.

We considered leaving Miss Myrtle at the playground, where she might find some mice playmates, but she runs surprisingly fast when she wants to, and hopped inside Nikki’s basket of flowers for the journey home.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Chris

    ♥♥♥ That dress is gorgeous!!! (And what a fun story!)

  2. Stephanie

    The dress turned out beautifully! I’m really enjoying reading these adventures.

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