Style ARC Betty And Bob

Sewing Pattern

Another short night of sleep had me browsing Pinterest for sewing patterns I might like to try… I am definitely feeling brave enough for some simple patterns.

I’ve seen a number of Style ARC patterns over the years I like, they have a European flair which always appeals to me, but I’ve read that their instructions aren’t really beginner friendly.

What’s not to love about this Betty and Bob duo! It’s rated easy, and it looks easy, so I think I can muddle through it.

If you order from their Etsy store, you can choose a size range of three, and print the patterns off. I know some people hate doing this and taping the papers together, but I love the fact that I can store a digital copy and print it over and over again should I screw it up, or need a size adjustment (ahem… cookies anyone?).

I abhor tissue paper, and tracing patterns? No thank you. I prefer patterns on printer paper. I can easy draw around the pattern pieces on my fabric and then cut them out, which I find far easier than pinning and trying to cut around the pattern while on the fabric, or even using weights and a rotary cutter.

Here’s a great review on these two patterns here, and really can’t wait to try it myself.

This morning I am going over to a friend’s house to check out her new acquisition of a vintage Singer 401a, prompted by me. I’d run across it on Facebook and was so very tempted to pick it up myself, it was local and a killer buy, but I really have set up my sewing room with all that I need, so I sent the link to her and she negotiated a very sweet deal for herself!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Cindy

    Love Style Arc patterns. Have a handful of them I got from Amazon

    1. tinksquared

      I’m really looking forward to trying them Cindy!

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