Suffragette Skirt Progress

I’ve been waffling over skirt patterns for my Suffragette outfit, and finally settled on the skirt portion of “Anne Shirtwaist and Skirt” by Pemberly Threads, but made some modifications to the pattern.

To start with, I decided to make some tucks in the front panel of the skirt, to go with the blouse.

I added one of the gorgeous laces I’d found for this project, an option in the pattern which I loved. The lace is extremely fine netting with a bit of embroidery and pearls on it. Perfect over the batiste and ties in with my pearl buttons on the sleeves.

In the pattern, the back of the skirt is seamed together, but I am hemming my sides so I can add the same ivory snaps down the back of it as I did on the blouse.

So here’s how it looks so far. I have to go look at more historic images of the dresses the women wore before I settle on a hem length.

I have a jacket idea in mind, in lightweight linen, which may or may not be doable and look right, still playing with that idea.

Tonight I am hand sewing the waistband.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Debbie Brander

    Just beautiful!

  2. mo pinwil

    Are you going to give her a name, or have I missed the fact that you may have already given her a name already. When I did my City & Guildsc course on garment making I wrote an essay on fashions at the time of Emily Pankhurst, mentioning her sister Christabelle Pankhurst who led the British Suffragette movement. I learnt a lot about The Suffragettes at that time and very interesting it was too. Thank you for invokiing those lovely memories.

    1. tinksquared

      Hmmm… you mean a suffragette name? Possibly. She might need a little story to go with her outfit. I DEARLY wish I knew if one of my great-grandmothers took part in this, I would love to name her after one of them. It is a rather fascinating history, although I have to confess, researching the undergarments was quite an adventure itself. LOL

  3. JUDY


    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Judy, I am just having a lot of fun! 🙂

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