The Babies are Growing!

I did much better on my walk yesterday morning, almost getting 16mph, but today I struggled, and only lasted about four miles. I don’t think I’m completely recovered from the vaccine yet, as I find myself quite tired, still getting a headache every day, and my joints hurt more than normal.

I’ve sure been enjoying watching this spring’s goslings grow!

I did manage to finish the binding on the churn dash quilt, and it’s now been washed and blocked. I normally love to take outdoor pictures of my quilts once they’re finished, but it’s a soggy mess around here so maybe in the near future.

I’ve not had any energy to get back to quilting the Moda Blockheads on the longarm (where have we heard this story before?) and I hope I’ll get motivate soon! The binding for it is ready, and I’m going to embroider the label for it today (hopefully).

The new highway tires versus all terrain tires on the Jeep are wonderful. I can’t get over how nicely they ride on the interstate. I won’t be putting all terrains on ever again most likely, but those are what came on the Jeep and it took me six years to wear them out. I had to laugh at the 70k mile warranty on the Michelin’s I just put on it. They’ll have sun rot long before I can put 70k miles on them! That’s twelve years of driving for me.

I’m thinking about cutting some vinyl decals for the Jeep. “Miss Scarlet” on the top of the windshield perhaps. Miss Myrtle’s idea. And some hands, for the classic Jeep wave, for the mirrors. She thought that was a bit corny, but I don’t care. Maybe I’ll do a mouse splatter design on the hood just for her?

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Donna

    Making progress – one step at a time.

  2. Mary Ann

    Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. I haven’t been on Instagram or Facebook much lately. Did you have a reaction to the COVID Vaccine? My granddaughter had a headache and felt very tired the next day, but she is the only one I heard of that had any kind of reaction other than a sore arm. Take care – I did see your beautiful quilt a few days ago. Simply gorgeous!

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Mary Ann. I’m not going Facebook these days either. People seem to have gone off the deep end on social media platforms and I had my fill of it.
      Yes after my second Pfizer vaccine I felt really bad for a couple of days been better for a bit then I got a bout of vertigo and I have been fighting headaches and nausea ever since. The more people I mention it to the more people I’m finding that I’ve experienced the same thing. And super tired all the time too.

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