The Craziness Continues

I made my miles of bias binding yesterday with help from Miss Myrtle, and got it sewn to the back of the quilt.

About halfway through stitching it on, it occurred to me it wasn’t too late to make a label for it. I’m terrible about remembering to add them, and forget more often than not. Once the binding is sewn on, I won’t add it because I don’t see much point in a label that isn’t stitched on permanently. So most of my quilts don’t have one because I just can’t remember in time to to make one.

My method is pretty simple. I embroider the information on a fairly large piece of fabric, (I use tearaway stabilizer) press the top and bottom of the label a quarter inch under, then fuse a piece of double sided fusible to the back of the label, covering it entirely and fusing the two quarter inch hems down.

I then place it on the back of the quilt over one corner, fuse it in place, then trim off the edges flush with the quilt. I will immediately at that point hand stitch the top and bottom onto the quilt and turn the binding on that section.

It’s completely secured now and isn’t going anywhere, while I drag the quilt around burying all my threads, and even if I don’t finish turning the binding right away.

Then I tossed one of my quilts in waiting on the longarm to test my resolve… yep, I thought I just might have it in me to quilt another one.

I pulled a bolt of fabric off my shelves that will work for backing, and have started seaming it. I’ll finish that sometime today, toss it in the rinse cycle in the washing machine and damp dry it to remove the wrinkles. I will not and do not press quilt backings! That’s a job for a saint, and I’m not one.

Now, if I will just commit to a pantograph on this quilt, it would be no problem for me to get it done in nothing flat. But will I?

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Diane Obernesser

    Love the quilting. Great label & method for a permanent label.

  2. Chris Miller

    I’m in a holding pattern on a quilt I’m working on. Don’t think it’s ever taken me this long to get a top pieced. I’m thinking I must be getting old. Bah, I AM old!! Yikes! I never put labels on my quilts either. I never even think of it. Your label, like your quilts, is beautifully done!

    1. tinksquared

      Everything certainly seems to take longer any more there’s no arguing that! If it weren’t for people always hounding me to label my quilts I wouldn’t bother at all even on the rare occasion when I think of it. I mean it’s not like I’m gonna care once I’m dead right? 😂

  3. Mary Ann

    Beautiful quilt CJ. Love the colors.

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