The Doc is OUT!

Poor Miss Myrtle. I tried to get her an appointment with the eye doctor this morning for new glasses, but he’s closed due to the Corona virus. She can’t see very well without her glasses, so I may just have to mail order some!

We’ve been working on a new dress. The pattern is “Sans Pretention” by MHD Designs. No, our version doesn’t look anything at all like the fabulous confections Magalie produces, but that’s okay. We’re still learning.

The outfit is not finished yet. The pattern consists of a fully lined dress, a separate underskirt, a coat, hat and purse.

Miss Myrtle and I will be making the coat next. She had a very cool idea for some double scallops, but after getting all wrapped up in them during the construction process, decided they weren’t going to do.

I was struggling a bit with the set in sleeves for the lining. I used batiste and it feels very fragile. Miss Myrtle came to my rescue with her suggestion that I use tweezers instead of my clumsy fingers to hold the fabric. Brilliant!

The sleeves turned out perfectly, and I can’t get over how much nicer the fully lined little dress looks.

It could even be reversible if you wanted. I love using KAMsnaps on these dresses. The clear ones are my favorite, but every once in a while the colored ones add a fun element.

We did have a bit of a snafu yesterday. Did I mention that Miss Myrtle misplaced her glasses… she probably lost them on the slide at the playground yesterday. SHE says she told me I sewed and topstitched the dress sides to the dress AND the lining backwards, but I’m pretty sure she laid them out that way. Without her glasses, she can’t see well. Hmph!

We’re sure to have fun putting the coat together for this little dress. It is definitely my favorite pattern to date!

CJ Tinkle

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