The Lost Week

When I first went on blood pressure medicine a few months ago, the nurse also prescribed meclizine for my vertigo, which I’ve kept on my nightstand in case of an episode. Yesterday was the first vertigo spell I’ve had since then, so I took a tablet and waited the expected hour for it to work.

Well… it lessened the vertigo just enough that I could carefully get out of bed and make it to the bathroom, or the sofa, or open the door for Cosmo, but that’s about it. That’s huge however, since I’m normally completely incapacitated for days, and with Jim not here…

But it knocked me out cold for over three hours, and then I spent the rest of the day falling asleep constantly. Whoa! Now I know never to take that for carsickness! I slept like a rock all night as well, and I’m still a bit groggy. And still a smidge dizzy.

I did finish my research into replacing my Jeep with another Subaru. I called the assessor, got an insurance quote, and estimated my trade value, and figured I’d have to fork over $7-9k for the trade (including taxes). The annual property tax and insurance were about a wash, so my only savings was going to be about $400-$500 a year in gas, which meant my breakeven point would take sixteen years. LOL. I won’t have either vehicle in sixteen years, and probably won’t be driving either with my vision!

So I’ll be keeping my Jeep, which I love anyway, and I’ll stop sweating the cost of gas for it. While I’d love a smoother and quieter ride (I always drive the Subaru if it’s a long trip) one of the things that has kept me in a Jeep for the last twenty years is the short wheel base and tall ride. That’s exactly what makes the ride poor, and also what makes it easier for me to see. No blind spots. Have I mentioned what a lousy driver I am?

I’m hoping to feel well enough in a few hours to make a trip to town. I want to stop by the auto detailer and get a quote for a full detail, something I’ve never done but both cars need it, and then on to the tire shop where I’m going to discuss a more fuel efficient tread for the Jeep, since it needs new tires anyway, and maybe get those ordered. My extent of “off-roading” in it is a gravel road.

I have some pizza dough that’s finally going to get a super long ferment, as I made it several days ago, planning to bake it today, but I don’t think I’ll quite be up to it until tomorrow. I was hoping for a walk this morning, but not quite there yet either. This week was pretty much blown exercise and diet wise, I’m not even going to step on the scale until things are back under control!

I also lost the week for finishing the Moda Blockheads quilt on the frame, I was sure I could get it done and off in a week, but the vaccine effects and then the vertigo killed that. We won’t talk about the yard. Ugh.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Susan

    Glad you are feeling better. Have you ever done the exercises for vertigo? Get Brad to show you the ones he does, they really work. Also, if you’re interested, there is a guy that will come to your house and detail your vehicles for you, and at a very reasonable rate, text me and I’ll get his name and number. He goes to the Dover schools and does the teachers vehicles a couple of times a year 🙂 And don’t worry about the lawn….it was probably too wet to mow anyway, I know mine was. Hopefully it will dry out enough today. Give me a call if you need any help. 🙂

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Susan. I have not tried any exercises for vertigo. If they’re meant to be done while you’re having an episode I don’t think I could do any. I typically wash and wax the vehicles myself but I’ve slacked off the last few years and that is probably some thing I will consider hiring out in the future at least the waxing. But for right now I want to hire a professional as I’m looking for a little more in-depth cleaning than I believe an individual will do. Steam cleaning the carpet removing the seats , maybe even fixing some paint chips we’ll see. The cost will probably have me changing my mind!

  2. Donna

    Praying for a better week for you! Vertigo is awful – I have lived with it for years. I love K&M auto detailing on N, Elmira by the post office – great people and great service!

    1. tinksquared

      Yep me too, vertigo is not fun at all. Sorry you have to live with it as well. I will be dropping my Jeep off at K&M on the 4th, and if I’m pleased, will take the Subaru next.

  3. poodlegirls

    Hope you are back on your feet soon. Never experienced vertigo and hope I never do. Neither of our vehicles are fuel efficient. We talk about replacing my 2004 Tahoe but as Galen says I won’t like driving anything else. Plus what it will cost to replace we can buy a lot of gas. We wouldn’t get anything on trade in either with 266 000 miles on it. We will keep.both of our off road vehicles until they die!

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you, and I hope you don’t ever have vertigo either, it’s ugly!
      Our Subaru gets decent gas mileage, but our truck is beyond bad. It’s a diesel F450, and gets about 12mpg hwy, and 7, sometimes 8mpg towing, which is really all we use it for. We are NEVER buying a new truck, the prices have gone beyond crazy on them!

      We too prefer off road vehicles. They just feel better!

      1. poodlegirls

        When we bought the Tahoe Dad has just given us his boat. The salesman tried to talk Galen out of getting the Z71 pkg.. Well we had seen a few cars end up in the water when putting a boat in. M9stly to stupidity but Galen wasn’t going to chance it. After Dad passed we traded in the Kia ( bought it second hand because of Dad) and Falen got the Silverado with Z71 pkg. This was we can go anywhere and do!

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