What Do The Experts Know Anyway?

I bake Cosmo, our German Shepherd five pounds of chicken each week, make gravy with the drippings, and we top his dry food with it.  So this morning while baking his chicken, I decided to run vinegar through my coffee pots so I wouldn’t have to smell the vinegar, roasting chicken is definitely a better odor.  The big coffee pot I only use when we have guests, the rest of the time I have a little single cup coffee maker that I use.  Jim doesn’t drink coffee.  What a weirdo.  

The “experts” always say you have to then run two pots of water through the machine to clear out the vinegar.  I always wonder, do any of them actually drink coffee?  Because in my experience, it takes about six pots of water to flush out any remaining vinegar taste.  Morons!

Today I’m going to get another walk in. I might even ride my bike a bit. It’s going to be gorgeous, the grass is cut and the house is relatively clean, so a perfect set up. It’s that time of year where I have a different trail I prefer. In the cooler months I like walking by the lake where there’s more sunshine, but when it warms up I prefer the Bona Dea Trail system, which is mostly wooded, except…

Bona Dea Trails in Russellville Arkansas – Local Resident

Our local alligator was spotted again. I’ll be the first to admit that running into an alligator is at the bottom of my priority list. Nope, it’s not even on my list. Can you imagine? First, I know I’d pee myself, second, can you imagine trying to outrun an alligator with wet pants and squishy sneakers? Ugh. If I ever run across this guy, I hope I’m on my bike and not walking.

I’m still writing to my cousin Lou on a weekly basis, but have only heard back from him the one time. I hope he’s doing well. I’d like to try and drive up near the end of next month for his birthday, but honestly I swore I’d never make that drive again after my son passed and I finished moving my mom down here. It makes me sicker than a dog with all the hairpin curves, and it’s full of terrible memories. So… maybe.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Donna Rowe

    An Alligator is not my animal of choice to come across either. When I worked at Kennedy Space Center, there was a 14 ft one in the pond outside the admin bldg. People used to eat their lunch close to their and throw their leftovers in the edge of the pond for him, just to see him come out!

    1. tinksquared

      Holy cow! Well that would be cool if you thought you were safe I suppose, but dang!

  2. Sandie Griego

    I agree. Vinegar in coffee is awful. When I clean my Keurig, I rinse it twice any many times as directed. I live on the edge of a 100,000 population city. It was reported that a coyote and bobcat were seen within a block of me in the last 24 hours. I hope they cut down on the rabbit population that is destroying my lawn.

    1. tinksquared

      Ah those pesky little rabbits. We have so many of them, but here the squirrels do more damage, and the deer are by far the worse. Still, I so enjoy watching all of them and would miss them if they were gone. No vinegar coffee for me either!

  3. Celia Ambrose

    Bona dea trails were fairly new when I lived there from 1979-1987! I don’t think any alligators were there back then. I would be scared too if I saw one while walking. Is this just a tall tale for the area now?

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