What Will It Be?

This morning I kind of felt like sewing, but not really? I did my chores and I didn’t need to cook anything.
I headed upstairs and rummaged through my laundry basket of red and cream scraps, cut a handful of them into one and a half inch half square triangles, and made two little stars.

I’ll make another of each and see if I want to do something with it. I never work with small blocks, I find it too tedious for a large quilt, but this will just be (maybe) something small.

We’re getting a little bit of snow and sleet, enough to make the roads slick but hopefully not enough to cut the power. My poor chickens will freeze to death without a heat lamp… their water will certainly require a whole lot of trips by me to keep an unfrozen container out there!

I’m crossing my fingers most of it passes us by. Warm hugs and well wishes for anyone in the path of this wicked cold!

Happy Valentines Day!

CJ Tinkle

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