Why Did I Buy These Fabrics?

They are really drab! The pink for the bodice and the pink and brown for the overskirt were in my fat quarter stash, and the under skirt I have a couple yards of this distinctly muddy brown!

I attempted to brighten them up a bit with stark with lace.

I slightly modified the Garden Tea Dress by redrawing the back of the bodice without the dip, and lengthened both skirts and added a growth tuck to the brown underskirt so I could tuck the lace up in it.

I topstitched a small piece of lace to the bodice. It would really be cute if I had some small buttons to go on top of the lace, but I don’t. I may add some later.

The KAMsnaps are the best invention! The sampler pack I have is mostly bright colors, and there isn’t anything remotely close to these fabrics, so I simply covered them with fabric just like you do buttons.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Chris

    You’re having fun!! AND using up fabric! Win, win!

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