13 Mar

Throwback Thursday


Every once in a while I see someone write one of these “Throwback Thursday” posts, and they’re always fun to look at.  Jim and I lost nearly all the photos we had in a house flood in our basement, so we don’t have many.  Recently a friend of mine, who is the awesome photographer that took this, sent me a few pictures he took of me in the nineties… big hair days 🙂  I always loved this one!


I finished piecing the “all boxed in” quilt this morning.  I decided on all white borders, and I will bind it in one of the bright fabrics.  I may go ahead and quilt it before piecing the second one.

DSCF3225It measures 46 x 46 inches.  A nice size, although that might frustrate someone who likes their baby quilts to fit on a width of fabric.  To me those are never quite big enough.  This is about as small as I make them for babies… that way they have a blankie they can still use as a toddler.

Dance class tonight!

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Agree with the comments above! Hope you’ve framed this one. (And just what is the dark thing on the ground on the right side? It looks like the barrel of a pistol with the rest half covered. If so, it would be so you!!)

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