18 Mar

My Trek Verve 4… she’s here!

Trek Verve 4

I was so excited to get a call this morning that my bicycle made it in!  This has been a long drawn out choice for me, choosing the right bike for my physical limitations and our hilly terrain.  I dearly wanted an Omafiet (Granny bike) and the Retrovelo Paula was my drug of choice, but it just wasn’t the right bike for me.

This bike is significantly lighter, but mainly it has a lot more gears than the granny bikes.

As you can see, I put fenders, a rear rack, and a simple basket on the back.  I refuse to ride a bike without fenders, ugh.  The low step through frame is wonderful!  Being a hybrid bike, the seating position isn’t quite as upright as the granny bikes, but nothing like riding my old mountain bike all bent over either… and I suppose even my old mountain bike is upright compared to a road bike!  This feels just right.

The seat however, has to go.  It’s awful.  I’d have changed it out already if the bike mechanic hadn’t tightened it down so much I can’t budge it!  I’ll have to wait for Jim to loosen it for me.  I’m going to take the Brooks B67 off of my Brompton and try it on this bike… I may put the original Brooks B17 back on my Brompton if I do.  Plus, being the shallow, silly girl that I am, a gorgeous brown leather seat would look much more classy than this black vinyl one!  I also have a very pretty pair of brown leather and cork handgrips I’m going to swap out for the black ones.  She won’t be quite as classy as an Omafiet, but she’ll do!

I did go for a couple mile ride after lunch, (that’s when I decided the bike saddle was pure evil) but boy it was so windy I could barely pedal into it!  I was sure tuckered out when I got home for such a short trip!

5 thoughts on “My Trek Verve 4… she’s here!

  1. ha, ha – it is always those bike seats that you have to get used to or try to find one that fits your butt better! I do so remember those days, don’t ride bikes anymore but would love to

  2. I am glad you finally got a Trek… I have the Neko, I got it two years ago and I just love it. I love the front shocks for those dirt roads that I have to go down… 20 minutes of pedaling = 180 calories gone. I like to think about that when I ride, giving me hope to keep my girlish figure. I went thru about 4 top of the line seats before I settled on one 30.00 seat…. funny how that works out!

    • Hi Lena, I LOVE my Verve and really like the fenders and rear rack too! I recently put new swept back handlebars on mine and now I’m totally in love with it. I’m sorry I don’t know what brand the racks and fenders are, when I ordered my bike I requested they put whatever silver fenders and rack on it that would fit and match the bike, how’s that! I’m not very knowledgable about bike things, I just really wanted a super comfy bike and my bike shop was happy to help me get that.
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