Added Another Singer 401a

I ran across another vintage Singer 401a that looked worth restoring not too far away, so Jim and I took a drive to Altus, Arkansas a couple of days ago and picked her up.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the seller spent some time cleaning the machine up, but sadly, it looks like it was done for a quick sale without a lot of care. She had the cabinet the machine was in and I’d guess it was outside in a barn from the looks of it. The machine appears to have been cleaned with something abrasive, as the decals on the top were worn off and silvered, and most of the gloss gone.

The oil ports had straight pins wedged inside, which took some considerable effort on Jim’s part to remove, and she’d jammed up the pressure foot pressure rod completely, but surprisingly had disassembled the cam stack, cleaned it and retimed it!

Anyway, Jim spent another ten or twelve hours cleaning it up, and it sews beautifully.

These are lousy photos as he is still working on it. He made a hat. Ahem.

I can’t get in the mood to do any sewing myself lately, and have been doing a little knitting. I finally made it through the first ball of yarn on a scarf I’m knitting.

I made this scarf in burgundy wool and like it so well I wanted another in a different color.

We are having an abundant tomato year! I can’t get motivated enough to can them, so I’ve simply been chunking them, freezing them on cookie sheets, then slipping the frozen chunks into bags and vacuum sealing them. We are just about out of freezer space!

CJ Tinkle

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