Another Sleepness Night

Thank heavens I got the pizza’s baked last night, I sure won’t have the energy tonight. And a 72 hour ferment? Absolute perfection. I don’t think I can go back to an overnight ferment. Everything from taste to texture is much better with the longer fermentation, and shaping/stretching is much easier as well.

I think these crust shots speak for themselves. This is the last dough formula I posted, and I love it. The dough is mixed and worked with stretch and folds over the course of the day, then refrigerated until ready to use. It needs a bulk ferment sometime during the process at room temperature anywhere from 8-12 hours. It’s baked at 550 degrees on a pizza stone.

375g water
50g 100% hydration rye starter
40g honey
20g olive oil
150g whole wheat flour (spelt is my preference, for both its texture and flavor)
350g bread flour
12g salt

I used Spelt this time, instead of hard white wheat, and I have to say I love the flavor of spelt. It doesn’t taste so “wheaty”, and is perfect in pizza dough. Emmer next time!

I did get my six mile walk in bright and early, and that’s probably the only thing I will get done today as I’m totally wiped. I’ve also had a headache every day since taking the 2nd Covid vaccine. Sure hoping that goes away soon, as I’ve been mostly headache free since going on the blood pressure meds.

I’m getting close to being able to walk a 16 minute mile again, and did so yesterday, but not today. I think if I walk continuously, my shin splints don’t act up, but if I stop for a period of time, I have to start at a snails pace and it takes me a long time, with lots of down time for shin splints, to get back to my normal walking speed.

I think my pulse is why my Apple Watch doesn’t register my walks with the girls as exercise. Even at this pace, my pulse doesn’t elevate much. Different story when I bicycle! Biking kicks my butt.

I might curl up in the recliner and finish the binding on the churn dash quilt. Yep, I think that sounds like a good plan. I got the mower out of the orchard (sure am glad for my Jeep, I wouldn’t have tried that with the Subaru since it doesn’t have tow hooks on it!) and the John Deere guys came out and picked it up yesterday. I’m glad I didn’t put off hauling it out of there, the orchard is a swamp now, along with the rest of the yard.

I’m going to be very bad and make myself some guacamole later, and have it and chips for lunch. I’m never going to lose that last 10lbs at this rate.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Donna

    Hopefully your headaches will clear up soon!

    1. tinksquared

      Thanks I hope so too. Getting rid of them has been life altering.

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