Award Ceremony at the National Quilt Museum

Paducah, Kentucky

Arkansas National Quilt of
Arkansas National Quilt of Valor

Holy cow, I am so honored to have received an invitation yesterday to the 50 State Salute Award Ceremony at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky!

QOVF TNQM Official Invitation
QOVF TNQM Official Invitation

I knew that my quilt had done some traveling, but I didn’t realize it had yet to be presented. I would love to be present, but I’m unclear from the invitation if the award ceremony is in January, or August?

CJ Tinkle

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  1. How awesome! I would certainly get the details and then GO! What an honor, my friend.

  2. I was also confused, so I double-checked
    “August”; au·gust
    adjective: august
    respected and impressive.
    “she was in august company”

    Unfortunate word choice for an invitation though 🙂

    But definitely you should feel honored! What a nice thing!

    1. Definitely a weird word choice! I’ve never hears august used in that manner. I am beyond honored! Such a great cause.

  3. I thing august in this case means impressive and respected.

  4. WOW!!! What an honor!

  5. It is in January.

    1. Thank you Roxann. I wonder what the August comment is in reference to?

  6. Congratulations CJ.! A great honor and one that is deserving. Your quilts are beautiful and your work is always top quality.

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