Bernina won

I’ve concluded my trial run, which began back in February, of packing up my Bernina’s and doing all of my sewing on my vintage Singer machines, which are fabulous in their own right, but I can’t seem to achieve the same level of accuracy on them.

It shouldn’t matter, my skill should be the same proficiency regardless of the tool, but it simply isn’t. I could possibly eventually get there, but I ruined quite a few quilt blocks that I could have pieced nearly perfectly with little effort on either of my Bernina machines.

Many people prefer the vintage machines. I’m in that camp for sewing doll clothing. I think the ability to slowly hand crank the hand wheel, and the narrower feed dogs lend themselves well to that application. I may prefer them for some garment sewing applications as well.

No matter how I try, I can’t get perfect points on the vintage seams for quilt blocks. It’s a combination of not having both hands free and the knee lift to operate the presser foot, the inability to stop with the needle down, but mostly I believe the issue for me is the actual presser feet.

I’ve long said it’s less about the machine and all about Bernina’s fabulous presser feet, and I believe that now more than ever. I’ve really paid a lot of attention to the feet and what was going on while I sewed.

There’s a lot of detailed engineering that Bernina has put into their presser feet. Honestly, if I could use all of my vast collection of Bernina feet on the vintage Singer machines, I’d be perfectly content.

Those are just the feet that fit into the cases. I have many more specialty feet.

I’m still thrilled that I rounded out my vintage Singer 400 series collection. I will always have them, and they will always run. I will likely always leave one set up for sewing. But I’ve put my Bernina’s back into the sewing cabinets and taken my Bernina 740 back off the market, I’m keeping her.

Miss Myrtle won’t be pleased.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. AngiesQuilting

    I agree CJ. While I love my little Singer Featherweight, it has it’s merits, and then lacks some. I used to have a Singer 301, but sold it long ago. I simply love the newer machines. Period. I recently purchased the Pfaff Performance Icon, and am in love with the feet, IDT and all the feed dogs this newer machine has. I also have a Bernina, but gave it to my daughter, so I know what you mean about the Bernina presser feet. They are so nice. The new Pfaff is comparable, or at least I think so at this time. In fact the Pfaff pressor feet look very similar to Bernina feet. Once you bond with a machine, like you have with your Bernina, it’s difficult to switch to another type or model of machine. So, nice to know you are going back to using the Bernina, and the others for different reasons.

    1. tinksquared

      I would love a Pfaff for their amazing decorative stitches, but it’s just too pricey to keep different brands, and accessories for each.

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