Bits and Pieces

I’m still on cloud nine having discovered I could get more of the fabric I decorated my sewing room with years ago. Having dug out my project box with the leftover bits and pieces to play with until the yardage arrives, I’ve been having a bit of fun with the scraps.

There’s not a lot of big pieces of anything, but I found a piece of quilted fabric large enough to make a little fabric box yesterday morning.

This morning I scavenged a bit more and made an eyeglass case. That was the last lit bit of ruffle left! It just fit.

These both go to a friend that I’m making sewing machine covers for from the same fabrics, because our taste is so close and it’s a perfect look in her sewing room (which is so much prettier than mine!).

Yesterday I baked a loaf of sourdough spelt and flax bread, made Cosmo’s chicken and gravy for the week, and got in a seven mile walk with the girls. Boy was I sore afterwards!

Today I promised Jim I’d bake peanut butter cookies and make some fresh egg pasta. I woke up at two this morning, so not a lot of sleep, probably not going to get a walk in today.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. KimS

    WTG with your fabric score. I think the thrill of the hunt finding fabric is a big part of quilting enjoyment for me. I am so happy to be reading your posts again. Have a great day!!

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