Border for the Mini Lone Star

I took a “me” day yesterday (I’m taking another one today too!) and spent the day sewing the pieced border for the mini lone star. I’m not sure what I did or where I made the miscalculation, but my border blocks are four inches instead of three.

It’s a good thing I did the border first, as I will now have to adjust the coping strip between it and the star.

Because of my miscalculation, I had to use a different fabric for the four corners as I didn’t have enough in the red I used in the border blocks. But that’s fine, the quilt is scrappy anyway.

Next step is to start cutting all the little pieces for the star. Not today though. Today I’ll be working on my English paper pieced quilt, which will likely take me the rest of my life and it will probably be the only hand pieced quilt I ever do :).

CJ Tinkle

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