Cricut CEO Letter to the Community

They listened, we made our voices heard! Way to go my fellow Cricut crafters!

Dear Cricut Members,

One of our core values is community — we’re listening, and we took your feedback to heart. The foundation of our Cricut community is one of integrity, respect, and trust. It is clear that, in this instance, we did not understand the full impact of our recent decision on our current members and their machines. We apologize.

Here’s the full letter from the Cricut blog.

But they’ve lost my trust. I will not buy any more Cricut products. There are after market replacement mats and blades which I will use going forward. I’m also saving a copy of that letter. Just in case.

You have until December 21st of this year to register your Cricut product and be grandfathered in to unlimited uploads. But who is going to buy a new Cricut in the future knowing they will not be able to use it without paying monthly?

I smell a rat in the pipeline. But I’m happy at least, that my machine isn’t now an expensive brick at least.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Maureen

    Well done you have shown them for what they are and always have been.

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