Duplicating a Wool Applique in Software

Years ago when I first started to learn how to design quilts in Electric Quilt (version 3!) I started by replicating quilt patterns I had. I learned how to use the tools as I needed them, and I’m still learning! This method makes me think about what I want to do, and what tools I might need to use to make it happen. Executing those steps helps cement the solution in my brain.

Now I’m wanting to use both my Silhouette Cameo (3) and my new Cricut Maker more, for both fabric and paper crafts. Now that I have a rotary blade machine, I have more options than simply bonded fabric (fusible adhered to the fabric) for appliqués.

With the rotary blade in the Cricut Maker, I can cut wool. For my first project, I found this darling pattern that I am mimicking to teach myself some of the drawing tools in the Silhouette Studio software, (business edition) which I use for both machines. I bought a bunch of 9″ x 12″ wool fabric pieces from her shop this morning.

Here’s my progress so far this morning. I’m still tweaking, but I’ve had fun playing with the shapes, warping a column for the stem, and warping the leaves as well.

I don’t enjoy hand work very much, so my plan is to do machine appliqué on this small project and see how it looks. I will use 12wt thread.

I’m feeling the luck of the Irish so far as the snow is still steadily coming down, quite heavy in fact, and the temperature has only reached eight degrees. At the rate it’s falling, my guess is that we will have ten inches of snow by noon. So far, the power has held.

I am quite worried about it going out, as I will lose cell phone reception at that point since ours only works via wifi at the house, and I’ll have no way to contact my mom. I was unable to convince her to come stay with me, and I don’t believe I can get out to retrieve her now. I could walk it, but she can’t. We’d be frost bitten at her pace by the time we made it back to my house anyway.

My friend Connie baked me the best freaking cherry and apple pecan cobbler I’ve ever eaten in my life, and her husband Darwin brought it over to me yesterday, despite the weather!

I got quite a chuckle out of the card. 🙂

I’d like to do some sewing today, but I’m a tad worried about power dips with the load on the systems, so will probably skip it.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. pattyby

    An idea…since I was too lazy to learn either the Silhouette or Cricut software (other than how to place designs for cutting), and yet am quite proficient in my emb software, I create my designs in emb soft, then save as svg files. Then cut out on the Maker. I’ve cut all sorts of wools, leathers, funky fabrics with the Maker…love the rotary blade. Haven’t used the Cameo since I got it! Have fun.

    1. tinksquared

      Oh I find the Silouette software much easier to use than my embroidery software. I use Affinity Designer as well. I’m am CLUELESS when it comes to my embroidery software, I know just enough to be dangerous!

      I think I am going to like the Maker better myself. I am curious as to wether or not it makes those funky “turning” cuts with the rotary blade that the Silhouette cameo 4’s do.

  2. pattyby

    Are you going to use the emb soft to create applique stitches? I approached it from that point of view, since I always do machine emb. I draw or scan a design (art work/clip art), import into software, and convert to whatever “fancy” stiches I want for securing. I save an outline as an svg for the cutter. Lazy way out!

    1. tinksquared

      No, I much prefer to blanket stitch it by machine. I quite enjoy doing that. But that’s always an option!

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