Has Anyone Seen Miss Myrtle?

She appears to have gone missing. I guess I better ask Siri cat to hunt for her. Cat’s track down mice and bring them to you right?

I had plans to get more of the weed whacking done yesterday, but the morning was drizzly and cold, with a bitter wind. It was all I could do to talk myself into a walk after lunch, but I’m so glad I did as while I started out with my winter coat and gloves on, I was able to remove them halfway through my six mile walk.

The clouds blew off, the wind died down, and the sun came out. It was perfectly glorious.

Turtles were out sunbathing on nearly all the logs I passed. The Bona Dea trails are finally empty of people again, after being so crowded for the past year. Spring break is over and most people are back to work after all the Covid lock downs. I love to walk out there as it’s heavily wooded, swampy and full of interesting things to see.

I ended up making Carbonara for my pasta last night, instead of Aglio e Olio (always such a tongue twister for me to say!), and it really hit the spot.

Tonight and tomorrow I’m going to have salmon and asparagus. It’s that time of year, asparagus season makes me happy!

I wanted to express my continued gratitude for those of you still sending my cousin and his wife cards at the assisted living home. You are so appreciated! I write every week but it’s challenging to find enough to fill a letter… really, I write mostly about food!

I’ll be baking sourdough bread this morning, then a cherry slab cake and espresso cinnamon brownies later for a friends birthday. No walk today!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Susan

    Siri may have already disposed of Miss Myrtle. 🙁
    In case you’re not busy you have friends playing folk music at 2 at Old Post Park. 😬

    1. tinksquared

      Goodness! Surely my cat would not eat my mouse! Miss Myrtle is a highly respected part of this household!

      I will probably not have enough energy to bake, weed whack and make it to the park, but we’ll see how my morning goes. If I don’t see you, have fun! You must sound wonderful, it’s been quite some time since I’ve heard you play!

  2. nanadjr

    I hope you find Miss Myrtle soon! I bet she is in need of comfort, love and a new outfit!

    1. tinksquared

      Hmm. She usually needs a good swift kick in the patootie! Or maybe a brownie 🙂

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