Last But Not Least…

My Singer 421g.

I will likely use this machine the least out of my vintage Singer 400 series collection, however it is the one machine I would have hunted to the ends of the earth for. Why?

She’s got a free-arm. An absolute must for me, and what initially had me buy a couple of Singer 222k featherweights… they have a free-arm. It’s just not a feature I can manage without. But the featherweights, those I can live without. Not my cup of tea!

I have the table attachment (it’s pretty cool, and has built in storage for feet and cams) and it’s actually in perfect condition, but it will be stored in the closet and the machine will be set here on my old but reliable Koala cabinet, by the 403a, with the free-arm readily accessible.

This one is not pristine. While she shined up beautifully, there’s a handful of paint chips and some scratches on the free-arm, and the decals on the back are in poor shape. Had this been any other machine, I wouldn’t have bought it, but the 421g is the rarest of the Singer free-arms, and the one I had my heart set on. If I ever find another, I will buy it too!

Her big sister, the 431g, also does chain stitching (which I don’t need, my serger can do that and we also have a vintage 600e that chain stitches) but has in my eyes, a very ugly front plate that just didn’t work for me.

There are also three Touch and Sews/Swears, still with all metal gears, that have the free-arms. The 631g, 634g, and the 677g, again, ugly.

Other than the free-arm and the bobbin winder being located on top instead of in the front, and a slight modification to the thread path, this machine is identical to my much loved 401a. This one came across the pond and was originally 220v, but someone changed out the motor to 110v at some point in time.

Jim finished cleaning the inside yesterday, it was pretty rough, but the cam stack was in surprisingly good shape and he didn’t have to take it out, unlike my 401a. If he can ever get the touch up paint mixed to match, he’ll fix the chips for me.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. George "Kelly" Wages

    Enjoyed your site ..Also learned that the 631g , 634g and 677g have all metal gears..I will be in the look out for these here in Arkansas or near by states. Thank you.

    1. tinksquared

      There a couple on EBay now George. I actually found my 421 right here in Arkansas, so you never know!

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