Little Miss Bertha

Pattern by MyAngieGirl

Yesterday I couldn’t talk myself into doing anything that needed doing, other than an attempt at some exercise, but I was feeling a bit light headed and only walked for thirty minutes.

I did find some mojo for another doll dress. It’s Little Miss Bertha by MyAngieGirl.

I really like this way this dress looks, however I’m not overly keen on the finishing techniques. It was super quick and easy, but those details bug me, and I still don’t have enough of a grasp on garment construction to change that.

This time I did no gathering. On the sleeves, I used the divide and conquer method of pinning the fullness in, and the skirt was done with the ruffler foot, and I simply cut it to fit. It was sewn entirely on my Singer 401a.

Anything by Shari Fuller (Thimbles and Acorns) or Keepers Dolly Duds are very detailed, time consuming, and wonderful learning tools. But still, this dress is adorable anyway!

The final cabinet insert I ordered came, and Jim adjusted my lift so my Singer 403a now has a cabinet as well. I can’t sew without a level sewing surface.

I was originally going to put the 401a in this cabinet as it has the largest flat surface and I seem to sew on the 401a the most, but it’s usually smaller projects that are fine on the small wood cabinet, and I really enjoy sitting by the window, so I think I’ll leave them as is.

I have been up the entire night, so I’m going to be a waste of skin today for sure!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Mary Ann

    The dress is adorable and I love the way you pose the doll, it adds a lot to the overall effect. Now get some much needed rest!

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Mary Ann, posing them is half the fun. I could totally get into doll photography as another hobby, but it’s one thing to do it in my yard, quite another to have people gawk at me out in public!

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