Moda Blockheads 2020 Week Ten

I’ve Gone Off The Rails

I started late, so it hasn’t even been ten weeks for me, but I’m already impatient to be done with this quilt. The block for week ten was released today, and I again don’t care for it, but yesterday I’d already made two blocks in anticipation that I would likely be substituting a block again.

The last two blocks in the EQ8 image above I my two substitutes for this week. I cut them out, and was a little baffled by one of them when I looked at me pieces, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to assemble it!

At this point, I’m about ready to stop calling this a “Moda Blockheads” quilt, and just call a spade a spade… it’s a sampler quilt, because it seems unlikely I’ll use many of the offered blocks, and I will probably just start making various blocks and get it done!

CJ Tinkle

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