No Raspberries Yet

I didn’t make it out to the nursery yesterday. It was cold, windy and drizzly and just not the type of weather that makes for an enjoyable browse through plants.

Instead, I picked up my mom and we dropped off quite a few bags between us of old clothes to MARVA, which is a shelter here, then had tea and a couple games of Scrabble.

We are playing on my mom’s ancient board instead of mine. I keep my house much cooler than she does in the winter, so we played at her house yesterday as she was chilled after our short outing.

Despite my lousy hand you see there, I had a nice score! Three seven letter words and a score of 518.

When I got home I baked another cookie experiment, which unfortunately I didn’t care for.

I’m trying to talk myself into that nursery run this morning followed by more blackberry row clearing, and it’s nice and sunny out, but my energy is low this morning.

CJ Tinkle

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