Ouita Coal Company Mountain Biking Trail

While I enjoy walking and prefer it over bicycle riding, I have to say I’m pretty excited about getting an informal biking group together to ride with.

I’m sure there’s already an existing group locally, but I wanted a group of woman to ride with for sheer fun, no pressure, mostly age fifty plus, no spandex, helmets, crazy equipment required!

I reached out on Facebook in several local groups I am in, and at least six of us will be doing our first ride together tomorrow!

I loaded up my Trek and went to ride a trail I’d walked a few years ago, to see if it been lengthened yet. Eventually, it’s supposed to connect to another trail a fair distance away, but it didn’t appear any progress has been made on it.

The paved portion of the trail is too short for bike riding, however there’s a fair bit of dirt trails that I didn’t go on (I don’t feel safe walking those alone) but I thought might make a pleasant, easy hike.

A couple of my friends are going to check those trails out with me on Monday. Those are the colored sections on the map above. They were built for mountain biking, but on a Monday in January, I doubt we’ll run into anyone riding.

I’ve also pulled my old mountain bike out of storage, purchased in 1998! Everything on it is still original, including the tires. I’ve no idea what still works on it, and what will need replacing, but I’d like to get it fixed up so I have the option of some off road riding if I should choose to do so. Plus, it puts me in a forward leaning position, unlike my Trek and Brompton bikes, which are upright seating. I love sitting upright, but my poor bottom suffers. Being able to alternate a bit might help.

I’ve ordered a compression sleeve for my right leg, and I’m hoping it will help with my eternal shin splint problem. My goal for this year is to get some exercise in despite my aging and protesting body!

Yesterday I finally did my first vinyl cut on my Silhouette Cameo, and am absolutely delighted with it! I tried this first with some store brand vinyl from Hobby Lobby and didn’t have any success, so I ordered the industry standard Oracal 651 and it was so much easier than I thought.

How cute is that? Jim is always asking me when I’m making cookies again, and I knew this would make him laugh.

One of the ladies from my local quilting group gave us a quick class on beading ornaments Thursday night. I was the slowest in class and mine is certainly the wonkiest, but I do intend to try and finish it.

Other than cooking too much food, I haven’t been up to much lately. I bought some more fabric, but that’s about as close to quilting as I’ve gotten lately! I have sourdough proofing in the fridge for focaccia I’m making for a party tonight… more calories!

CJ Tinkle

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