Shower Curtain – OOPS

Finally, after several years. I started this project in 2018, and just kept losing motivation. The fabric line is Moda La Vie En Rouge. I finished the coordinating jelly roll rug several years ago.

The embroidery motif I used is Floral Medallion 2 Jumbo, stitched in one color. I embroidered it with Glide thread in both the upper thread and the bobbin, on two layers of water soluble stabilizer.

The entire curtain was assembled on my serger, with the exception of the topstitching on the upper and lower hems, and the buttonholes. The embroidery of course, was done on my Bernina 700.

The blocks were cut at 12.5 inches, and there are a total of thirty six, six across and six down.

For the buttonholes, I used Sulky 12wt cotton thread on top, and the Glide thread I did the embroidery with in the bobbin. I fused a layer of Pellon Craft Fuse in the upper hem where the buttonholes were sewn.

Here at the buttonhole settings I used. They were sewn on my Bernina 740, which allows for adjusting the width of the opening, and I widened it. I also used the Bernina yellow bobbin case.

I used the Bernina buttonhole compensation plate on the two corners, due to the bulk of the side hems, then the rest of them with just the automatic buttonhole foot number 3a.

After sewing the buttonholes, I pulled the starting and ending threads to the back and hand tied them before trimming the tails.

Machine embroidery is often not pretty on the backside, and this design is no exception, there are a lot of short threads. To hide that, I purchased a solid white fabric shower curtain/liner to go behind it. In addition, I will have a white plastic shower curtain behind that, so neither the embroidered curtain nor the solid fabric one will ever get wet.

I was so excited to finish this project, and tickled pink with how well the buttonholes turned out. Have I mentioned my horrible math skills lately? Yep. They bit me in the ass again. I calculated one too many buttonholes and of course that simply won’t work.

Naturally the curtain hangs poorly since there is one large gaping area on one end.

I didn’t post about it yesterday because I was so exhausted and had I not hung the curtain (rather a tedious job) I probably would have tossed the entire thing.

This morning, I placed an order for another half yard of fabric to redo the top band and buttonholes… but that’s a LOT of topstitching and overlock stitching to rip out. It may set another year.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Patty

    What a pretty shower curtain, and so frustrating to have to wait and do all that extra work. Could you perhaps purchase another set of shower hooks and just add an extra hook to it ? I have an actual math degree and still make mistakes like this sometimes, so for what it’s worth, you’re not alone in that at least!

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Patty. No, I can’t simply add an extra hook, because the spacing of them needs to make the liner.

  2. Janine

    I had the same spacing problem with the hooks many years back. I purchased a cheap shower curtain and used their spacing as a template for my curtain. So much easier.

    1. tinksquared

      I did base my spacing over my liner. But I measured them and then didn’t double check. I’m an idiot 🙂

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