Shower Curtain Update

My replacement fabric to redo the button band arrived, and I spent yesterday ripping out the one I miscounted the buttonholes on, and re-sewed the new one.

All I have left to do is sew the buttonholes, which I tackled fearlessly the first time and now suddenly I’m terrified I’ll screw them up, because there will be no redo’s this time!

I forgot when I posted pictures previously to show what the back looked like, so in the above pictures are the back of the curtain, and the wrong side of the embroidery.

We are expecting some wicked weather for Arkansas over the weekend and into next week, with temperatures dipping down to zero and 6-8 inches of snow in the forecast.

I’ll be doing a small grocery run tomorrow for some tomatoes, bananas and apples, have baked myself a sourdough loaf of roasted garlic and rosemary bread, and have plenty of cheese and sausage on hand if the power goes out.

I may or may not tackle those buttonholes today. I need to track down a heat lamp in the shop and get it set up for the chickens before I forget.

Have I mentioned I finally decided on adding a Cricut Maker to my gadgets? I’ve loved my Silhouette Cameo 3, but have been lusting over the Cameo 4 or the Cricut Maker with their rotary blades for the last year, unable to decided between them. I chose, and my choice, despite a gazillion things to compare, based entirely on the fact that the Cricut feels like a tank compared to the Cameo. It’s like the difference between a Walmart model Brother sewing machine and a Bernina.

I will talk about it soon… I’m still playing. I’ve already taught myself how to convert a .pdf pattern (doll clothing heaven!) into an .svg file and cut it, which worked beautifully, but I still have much more to learn.

I’ve been playing with print and cut, something I can do on either machine and have loved for custom tags, but I’m having a blast playing with my Facebook avatar images and hope to make my mom a Valentines Day card THIS year (lol) that isn’t too hokey with one of them.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Chris Miller

    First, stay warm!! Second, I’m hoping I’m not going to emulate you and buy a Cricut!! I’ve toyed with getting one off and on and decided I have enough toys and not enough time for more. (Love your comparison of machines!)

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