The Bern Helmet Makeover!

I really, really didn’t want to wear a bicycle helmet. The fifty plus bicycle group I started is meant to be laid back and casual… I’m perfectly fine riding in Birkenstocks and blue jeans, but I’m in the minority, so I caved and bought a bicycle helmet.

Because I’ve put so much time into making my bicycle as close to my dream bike (a granny bike, but lighter) as possible, I wanted my helmet to stay with the theme as much as possible.

I ordered a Bern Aliston which is a men’s helmet, because I like the style of it, and the color. The women’s version came in pastels and other colors that just weren’t my cup of tea. This sand color goes nicely with my canvas bags. Also, it’s a blank slate, and I knew I was going to have some fun with my Silhouette Cameo and vinyl customizing it.

I’m not quite finished with it, as I intend to add a few more “witchy” items, but I’m absolutely tickled with it so far.

I also added a phone mount, because I’ve been recording my rides and our group rides with the AllTrails app. It had great reviews despite looking rather flimsy, and I’m happy to say the review were spot on, it works beautifully and I can leave my Otterbox on the phone.

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CJ Tinkle

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