This morning I finally threw in the towel on this dress. How did I know that when I finally got the courage up to use the really nice batiste, I would screw it up?

This was not the fault of the pattern. I thought I initially understood the pattern to be a jacket and a dress. It is not. The jacket bodice and the dress bodice are one and the same, but the peplum is separate.

Because I want all my outfits to be fully lined, I have finally learned to do so with no hand sewing required (other than the turning opening) for a full dress or coats, and a bodice and skirt. But no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get any of the construction methods I have come to love to work with this due to the peplum.

You can only rip linen and batiste so many times before it frays apart. Goodbye little outfit!

I did add a little more “fluff” to the suffrage outfit hat by embroidering some free standing lace and inserting it into the bow.

It’s totally blinged out now!

One of my friends is going to sew herself a suffrage outfit, and found a pattern she liked over at Reconstructing History. They have some awesome patterns!

I found a skirt and blouse I quite like myself.

And I like this blouse to pair with it. I do with there were actual photographs, I have a difficult time getting a good visual from line drawings.

Although if THIS pattern had been reconstructed for today’s sizes and sewing, I would buy it in a heartbeat and make it… I absolutely adore it!

CJ Tinkle

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