Tube Tops for Miss Myrtle

Miss Myrtle has been hibernating for months. I wasn’t aware mice did that, I thought it was just bears. Silly me!

Somehow, she heard me fire up the pasta extruder on my KitchenAid and assumed I needed her assistance. Then she saw what I was making and excitedly thought they were new tube tops for her summer wardrobe.

Silly mouse.

Miss Myrtle

I purchased the pasta extruder attachment for my KitchenAid mixer years ago, used it once with one of the included recipes, and decided it was junk. I was pretty new to pasta making then, and didn’t realize it was the recipe, not the extruder.

This morning I decided to try it again, with my tried and true pasta dough, and it worked absolutely flawlessly. The pasta is quite thick though, so I will have to cook it and see what we think about that.

That’s “3 egg pasta” which normally I roll into fettuccine, and it pretty much covers my counter! Doesn’t look like much here!

My foolproof pasta dough (more on that here)can be made in any amount. I simply weigh my eggs, and multiply that amount by 1.8. That’s how much flour I add. For each egg, I add 1 teaspoon of olive oil, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt (optional).

I just whiz it in my food processor, then dump it out and knead it by hand for a minute or two. It work just as well with fifty percent of the flour whole grain if that’s your preference. For this batch, it’s all white flour (King Arthur Bread flour).

My fruitcakes (recipe here) are baked and brandy drenched and ready to go.


I put a cup of dried cherries into the leftover brandy from soaking the fruit for the fruitcakes and will make another batch of stöllen with it.

Jim and I prefer it with just dried cherries and almonds (and marzipan) but no other fruit.

Last year, I bought this beautiful rolling pin from Poland (it took forever for it to ship!) but I never tried it. This afternoon, I am going to!

Rolling Pin

I’ll be using a springerle cookie recipe from King Arthur Flour as my experiment.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. tinksquared

    Yep, other thank baking myself into obesity, I haven’t been doing much at all 🙂

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