Turtles, Chickens, and DNA

For the last couple of weeks, in the morning when I go let our chickens out, there’s been a turtle by the gate to the orchard, which is also where I dump our compost.

The chickens scratch through it eating what they like, and the remains get worked into the soil.

Apparently, this little turtle is enjoying the feast as well, so much so that he is at the compost remains every day, but the chickens appear to be more scared of him than he is of them!

We still have two roosters, and will soon have to choose one and get rid of the other. I really can’t tell them apart so whichever one I catch will be the one to go… anyone want a beautiful rooster?

Recently I ordered a report from a company called GenoPalate. It tests your genetic pre-disposition to foods. It does not test your allergies or environmental reactions to food, this is purely gene based science. Because I’ve had no luck with controlling my migraines, I thought I’d see what the report had to offer me, and I’m uploading it here in case anyone is interested in doing this; it contains no personal information.

Click on the image to open the .pdf report

Being an avid genealogist, I’ve done DNA testing with several companies. GenoPalate will let you upload and use an existing DNA test to significantly reduce their testing cost. I used my 23andme test, and lucked out when they were having a sale, so my report was only $39.

After my son and dad passed in 2017, I followed the Keto Diet for about a year, although only the first 3 months did I adhere to it strictly. I lost the 32lbs I needed in that amount of time, but felt better than I had in years, so only added some complex carbs back into my diet.

I blew it totally in Christmas of 2018, and then we moved my mom down by us the following January, and I went back to my old eating habits. They’re actually pretty good, but I started eating cookies and goodies too often. It’s taken most of the year, but my migraines are back along with my back pain, and I’d gained 10lbs back.

I’m currently back on the Keto Diet and have lost 5 of the 10lbs in the first week. Once I’ve lost the full 10lbs, I’m going to try eating according to my GenoPalate list of foods, with a focus on gluten free grains (I show a genetic pre-disposition towards gluten sensitivity), whole grains only when I do eat wheat, and less meat and more fruit and veggies.

There’s not much in the way of meat on my list that I like, but I already prefer whole grain cookies, muffins, and some breads, and I’ve made my pasta with 50/50 whole wheat for some time now. I was disappointed that rice wasn’t on my list, as we eat tons of brown rice.

Here’s to reduced migraines in the future!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Hilary McDaniel

    I try to eat my blood type. I’m A positive. Meat isn’t allowed. Only trout, salmon, sardines. No tropical fruit, only berries. Only ancient grains. No processed foods.
    Cheese in moderation, basically only really hard cheeses. Tea no coffee. Basically as my blood type were foragers the forest floor is my grocery store. I can eat almost all veggies with the exception of eggplant. It’s funny but instinctively I already knew this as the foods that are poison to me make me feel sick. My worst offender is Brie cheese and bread not made with spelt. I can eat goat cheese so I’ve been eating that instead. When I was driving to Dallas weekly I was able to get goat Brie. Not so in Waco. I’m hoping for a Whole Foods or Central Market since Waco is booming.

    1. tinksquared

      I’ve read about the blood type diet, I’m A-. But research has shown there isn’t any supporting evidence to support the blood type diet. Of course you probably know what I think about most research… it’s just like statistics, easy to slant towards whatever whomever is paying for it to say! If it works for you, then that’s all the evidence you need!

      Brie is my favorite cheese and on my approved list. Whew. LOL

  2. Pam

    Loved the term “biologically female.” If it lists brown rice pasta, why not brown rice?

    1. tinksquared

      I believe it’s recommending brown rice pasta as a gluten free alternative if I want to eat pasta. Not necessarily, the brown rice is the best grain choice for me, just a better pasta choice.

  3. Connie Fontenot

    CJ what about wild rice (which is basically seeds) I used that often as a rice replacement and it might be a good substitute to brown rice

    1. tinksquared

      Wild rice is on my approved list. But it really isn’t a great taste or texture for something like beans and rice.

  4. ChrisP

    Thanks for sharing your data. I looked at the sample when you posted about the sale, but declined at the time. I wish you much success in reducing and/or eliminating your migraines. And of course the back ache. Interested in seeing your progress based on your food list.

  5. Beth Rogers

    We love our roosters and have kept them all (have 4) with the 30 hens. They have been seen to chase off predators—a 5th rooster gave up his life for his harem (they seem to have favorites). They grew up together so they do not fight. I imagine if your flock of hens is not large enough for two roosters, you would have to give one up since the hens backs couldn’t take all the mounting. 😛 Another huge benefit is that we do not have to fence in our flock and they roam many acres without any harm coming to them (knock on wood!)

    1. tinksquared

      Nope, 2 roosters is definitely one too many for 9 hens :). They are just 4.5 months old now, so not fighting yet. We’ve talked about turning our chickens out back, but in the end decided to keep them in the orchard, it’s not huge, about 3/4 of an acre, but plenty of room for a small flock.

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