What is My Problem?!

I really shouldn’t even be sewing. Jim is leaving tomorrow and I am squeezing in thirty minutes here and there.

I finished assembling the half square triangle star, and then I pinned it to the wallhanging over my computer. It’s exactly the right size now.

But I’m not happy with it. It looks unfinished. Of course it isn’t finished, but it’s bugging my eyeballs to look at it.

Out with EQ! Whatever would I do without this software? Placing appliqués in the software is a bit of a hassle, so I laid out the top and your imagination can fill in the rest. Of course my quilt isn’t all solid red… it would look better if it were, but I think I’m going to add this border and the appliqués.

Which will make my wallhanging forty by forty, once again too big. Doh!

These borders and appliqués are just laying there, and the border fabric will be trimmed down a half inch (I tore it off the bolt) but I think with a red binding I will be happy with this.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. mo pinwil

    Maybe a half square in a red colour may do the trick in the white sections in each corner nearest to the centre of the piece/

    1. tinksquared

      You mean on the border section? But that would still make it too large.

  2. Linda in NE

    What are you planning to bind it with? Maybe a binding out of the dark red in the middle of the star would give it a more finished look and give your eyes some relief. I guess it’s a question of do you want it to be the right size and still acceptable or too big and be bugged by that.

    1. tinksquared

      I’ll be binding it with the dark red mostly likely. I won’t be happy with it as is, so it’s going to not be the right size. Again. LOL

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