When Creativity Goes Bad

Ugly Doll Dress

I found three fat quarters in my stash that I thought would look rather decadent and vintage together… and they did! At least, while they were still fat quarters.

I thought it might be cool to slice up two of them and sew the strips in to a doll skirt. Then I added a growth tuck, which I bound with some leftover bias quilt binding cut down. Then I added a band to the bottom with more of the bias binding.

I looked through my patterns, and found a bodice I thought might work well, and used more of the bias binding on it.

For this dress, I switched over the straight stitch only Singer 404. The more I use this machine, the more in awe I am of it. This machine has a very sexy growl… it can’t be a girl. My 401a is all girl! Even though I’m a huge fan of straight stitch plates and always use one for piecing quilts, there’s quite a difference in the narrow feed dogs that perfectly match a narrow straight stitch presser foot… as Singer Featherweight fans around the globe well know.

I was able to beautifully topstitch that ugly left over bias binding on the 404. I used Isacord (embroidery) thread as it matched, and the machine loved it. It loves everything I give it. And I love it in return :).

I’ve been very bad the last couple of days. Those oatmeal cookies are nearly gone, and I just finished baking dark chocolate chip and pecan cookies.

And I’ve got dough rising for rolls! Sigh…

CJ Tinkle

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