15 Sep

Weekend trip

Cool beans :)

We tossed some food and clothes into the camper and headed to Missouri to visit my folks and the kids this weekend, really nice visit!  Jim and I took the long way up via highway 65 instead of highway 7, because we wanted to check out Tyler Bend campground.  Didn’t care for it so won’t be going there.

They don’t look much like me do they :)

On Sunday, my folks followed Jim and I over to Branson and we had lunch on some restaurant on Lake Taneycomo, fabulous catfish and we sat on the patio overlooking the water and watching the ducks, it was really nice!  Cosmo however, was absolutely petrified.  He walked onto the dock and out to the patio just fine, but as we sat there he became so frightened Jim practically had to carry him back to land.

Headed back to the truck after we ate, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of both these cars.  A smart car towing a boat?  Alrighty then!

We took highway 7 back home and stopped for a few scenic shots.  There were yellow wildflowers filling the ditches on either side of the road nearly the entire trip.

And of course, the view never fails to amaze me.

It’s so often misty when we drive through this area that it’s hard to get a decent picture.

A great weekend!

10 Sep

New seat covers for the Jeep!


This morning, while it was still relatively cool (albeit humid as all get out!) I decided to tackle putting the new seat covers that I ordered from Trek Armor for the Jeep.

I love them!  Since I’m stuck with the red exterior Jim picked, I figured I might as well go with it :).  I almost ordered solid black, but changed my mind for the more fun look!

These are really nicely made… and in the USA too.

I’m still waiting for the Canvasback cargo liner.  We have one of these for the Subaru and just love it!  It covers the wheel wells too, and makes keeping it clean a lot easier.


Cosmo has fallen in love with the Jeep.  All I have to do is say “ride” and he races to the door, and heaven forbid I go somewhere and don’t take him along!

08 Sep

Kitchen update


Let me start with saying I am in love with our new counters!  They are beautiful and I couldn’t be happier with them.

But the install has not been without problems!  The first one was a misunderstanding on my part.  When the counter place set up the tile and counter removal with a contractor, they said we’d have bare studs and it would be up to us to then get the walls finished.  So when the tile guy came and the old tile came off easily, leaving most of the drywall intact, I thought that was a good thing, I paid him and he left.

I have since done a LOT of cleaning.  Yesterday Jim informs me that the drywall has to come out before the backer board is installed for the new tile.  Aaaaaggghhhh!!!  Sawing drywall is going to cover my house in dust all over again!

Besides needing the tile backsplash yet, we also have some cabinet work that isn’t finished.  The new sink (which I love) caused all kinds of headaches.  The old one was much wider (a triple sink) and not as deep.  The new sink is two inches lower, and will not work with a garbage disposal.  Fine… I can live without a garbage disposal.  The flip out drawers in front however, no longer fit with the hinges and had to be removed.  That’s yet to be fixed.

Jim discovered our plumbing is not right (and not to code) and had to redo everything in order for the now lower sink to connect again… but could not hook the dishwasher drain back up until he makes a special fitting for it.

We tore out the built-in wine rack and the corner carousel and will have a cabinet-maker make the modifications I want… if I can ever get one out here.  I’ve called four so far and as of yet I’ve made no progress with them.

I love the drain on the new sink, this is so much better than the old style!  I made another booboo… I didn’t take in account that my lovely new faucet no longer allows for the double hung window to tilt down for cleaning.  I’ll have to go outside and clean it the old fashioned way, on a ladder.



We’re replacing all the outlet covers in the kitchen and living room as well.  These are what we’ve ordered.

switch platesAnd some close-ups of the granite.

It’s so shiny the ceiling lights reflect on it!

If it ever gets finished, I’ll post more photos with the back splash installed.  Meanwhile, back to cleaning!