01 Feb

Quilts of Valor design

QoV c

Since I don’t have any idea of when Jim and I will have time to visit Mama’s Log House and shop for fabrics for the future Asteria quilt, I decided this morning I would design and start on a Quilt of Valor for the monthly sewing group.

I was told they’re supposed to be something like sixty by eighty inches, but mine is going to be seventy-six inches square.  If the QOV foundation isn’t happy with that, I will happily donate it myself.

Because frankly, I love my design!  And it is one large block, made entirely up of three squares and three-inch half square triangles, so it would be very easy for even a novice to piece.

There are two options here, simply colored a bit differently.  I prefer the first one, which do you like best?

If you’re interested in making this quilt, I’ve uploaded my EQ7 project file here.

31 Jan

Crocheting instead of quilting


This morning I joined a couple friends at Hobby Lobby and we packaged up pre-cut quilt blocks for Quilt of Valor.  Next Saturday is National QOV day, so we’ll be piecing the blocks and sewing the tops all day.  A couple of the girls started a once a month sew in just for QOV quilts, I think that’s great!

Jim and Cosmo are outside splitting wood.  The Gator is great because as he splits he just tosses it in the bed.  We can’t get our truck back here.

Jim sure likes the wood splitter we got last year.  I had the hardest time getting him to try it, now that he has he loves it.

I thought Siri would be taking advantage of having the house to herself and be running around, but there she is, snoozing in the crate we brought in so she could play in the same room as Cosmo without us worrying about her getting hurt… we’re still not sure if Cosmo just wants to play, or if he wants to eat her.


I took her to the vet this morning just to make sure she’s in good health.  They loved her!

When I sew, I tend to lose focus on the world around me, and with a new kitten to watch out for I haven’t been doing any sewing.

DSCF5283Instead, I’ve started an afghan out of yarn I’d made several feet of a ripple stitch afghan several years back, but lost interest in.  I’ll probably lose interest in this one too, but I’m enjoying the hand work for now.

The bathroom is progressing slowly.  What I’d hoped would be a week long project will be two at least.  I’m so sick of construction guys and dirt in my house!


29 Jan

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