17 Dec

Upcoming quilt


I was browsing through my stash this morning while sipping coffee, thinking about the granny square quilt I made last year and sold.  I want to make another (to keep).  However, I came across this lovely collection of fat quarters from Moda I must have purchased back when we were living in the RV full-time, and decided I was going to do another granny square quilt out of them.


Here’s a link to the one I made before.

I think it will be beautiful in these floral pastels.  I am going to use the darker pink for the centers… or the binding, I’ll have to choose because there’s only enough for one or the other.  I don’t know what size it will be yet, the amount of fabric I have will dictate that.  At least a twin, maybe a queen.

I’m also going to put this one up for sale when it’s finished.  I loved these fabrics, but they certainly don’t go with anything in our home.

Yesterday I worked some more on the ugly scrappy quilt.  I got out one of my featherweights, lubed, oiled and waxed it, then spent the afternoon sewing on it.

Isn’t that shine lovely?  I usually take this one to my sewing groups when I go.  I’m a little afraid I’ll chip the gorgeous custom paint on the 222k, so I only sew on that one here at home.

I have about decided to purchase another 222k, with original paint.  I’m looking for a mint condition one.  I purchased the 221 pictured above from Graham Forsdyke.  It was rated a 9 plus… however I personally would only rate it an 8 plus.  I think he was a bit overly optimistic about its condition.  I also had to rebuild the tension unit after it arrived.

Now that he’s retired, I don’t know if there will suddenly be more 222k’s available, or less!

09 Dec

Wallhanging quilted… and finished kitchen photos!

Remember when I went on a spree this spring redecorating my sewing room?  Here are the all the fun goodies I made.

Today I finally finished the coordinating wallhanging.  It was such a booger to piece and quilt.  That floral fabric is home decor linen… and OMG stretchy!

I ran out of the brownish green I used in the covers, and had so substitute a brown woven, also stretch and mean as all get out to work with.

I prevailed however, and this baby just lacks binding and a quilt sleeve and it will be ready to go up on the wall in my sewing room.

I don’t think I ever posted the final pictures of the kitchen after we finished the counters and the tile here, just on Facebook.

I absolutely love it.  The granite is a joy to work on, especially for dough.  Next month, we are re-doing the fireplace and our masterbath.  I’m rather dreading it, since the kitchen was a fairly simple remodel and took three months to complete.

I made this wonderful focaccia a couple of days ago.  It was so good I made it again today… it’s in the oven now!

07 Dec

A little spa therapy for my neglected machine

Quilting Detail

After nearly a year of non quilting, I finally got the bug again.  But first, I had to clean out the garage where my longarm lives.  It was a disaster, especially after moving most of the kitchen into it while we remodeled.

Then, I didn’t want to use my machine after it had set for so long until it had been thoroughly gone over.  Jim, bless his heart, took it off the frame, repacked the gears with fresh grease, reset the timing which was slightly off since I’d broken a needle, and made sure the motor brushes, etc were all in good shape.


I was so afraid when we put it back on the frame, the computer motors wouldn’t be aligned anymore, but I ran the calibration tests and all was good.  Whew!

I had whipped up this little table topper a couple of days ago, a reward to myself for cleaning the garage.  I loaded it up and quilted it this morning.  I love the way it turned out!  The design I used is called “Kaylies Flower Garden” by Beany Girl Quilts.  In original format, the design is twelve inches high.  I reduced it to just under five inches, and used a copper color thread to quilt it.

A lot of quilters freak out over quilting over the appliqué designs, and many times, it looks really bad.  In my opinion, for whatever it’s worth, that’s because of the scale of the quilt design.  Whenever I do this, I scale the quilting down… a LOT.  Generally smaller overall than the appliqués.  I like it.  But I’m too lazy to quilt around them anyway.