22 Nov

Burn baby burn!


I have been a bit anti-social lately!  The weather for the most part, has been really nice here, and I’ve been catching up on some much needed yard work.

I mowed the grass one final time for the year, weeded the ten raised beds I’d decided to abandon in the heat of the summer which ended up taking me the better part of a week… AND… at long last, I finished tearing down the last of the old privacy fence that was around our backyard.

I’ve been working on it for the last three years, mostly in the fall.


I had a heck of a bonfire going here at one point as you can see from the grass, it nearly got away from me!

Next project to tackle is the dilapidated old dog run from the former owners you see, with all the insulation falling down. Ugh.  Quite the eyesore.  I’m not sure how we’re going to get that heavy roof off, which is mostly why it’s sat there for so long.

I did finally do some more sewing this weekend on the kids quilt.


The upper half of the center is pieced together, and I just lack six more star blocks until I can piece the lower half.  Then the miles of pieced border!

I baked some rolls today.


They were so good I had to sneak one.  Jim stole three more.  Tomorrow I’m going to bake some cinnamon rolls, frost them and pop them into the freezer to take up to Jim’s mom for brunch Thanksgiving morning.  They freeze and thaw out so beautifully!

If I remain unchatty for a bit yet, Happy Thanksgiving!

03 Nov

Genealogy page added


I made a decent amount of progress on the kid’s quilt yesterday, but haven’t worked on it today and won’t tomorrow either, as my parents are driving down for the day.


I’ve added a genealogy page to my website, in hopes of distant relatives also doing research, that might stumble across some of the surnames in my family tree.  I’ll be updating the tree with more family members as I add them, I’m currently rebuilding my tree as part of the genealogy “do over” project, so I’ve quite a few more that aren’t on here yet.

It’s quite gray, drizzly and a bit chilly outside today, I’m being quite lazy. :)

02 Nov

Wherever I go, there he is :)


There’s barely room on the floor in my sewing room for Cosmo to fit, but he always finds a spot to fit so he can keep me company while I sew.  Sometimes, it’s under the ironing board, but no matter which area he picks, I’m going to trip over him.  My space is just that small!


I’m doing the larger, easiest blocks on the kids quilt first, that way I feel like I’m making more progress than I really am… because all the outer blocks are small and will take much longer for me to piece.


The fabric starch at half strength is working out really nicely.  I do believe I prefer it.  Speaking of starch, Siri ignores catnip, but she goes ballistic for starch.  Trying to keep her from attacking my starched fabric is quite c