27 Apr

Time for a new look!

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.26.59 PM

When I decided to redecorate my sewing room, I did it to my taste, which people rarely see because since Jim and I got married, I’ve decorated with the dogs in mind… leather, dark, and mostly black and tan.

But I’m tired of it.  This spring I put an ivory throw rug in our very dark living room and loved the way it brightened it up.

Last week, I washed all the quilts and put them away.  I just sent for fabric samples, and plan to make new table runners, pillows and curtains.

I know these are really tiny thumbnails, but basically, I’m going to give in to my love of cottage style, in red, cream, tan and white.  I think I can make this work well with our mission style furniture… fortunately our sofa and chairs, while leather, are more of an overstuffed, relaxed style.

For those, I’ve ordered some pet covers.  I didn’t think full slip covers would look good (or fit right) plus I believe I can copy the pet covers with no trouble, and make my own quilted ones when they wear out.

These are what the pet covers look like.

I think they will look nice on our dark leather.  I don’t think they look good on this pictured light color sofa though.  If not, they weren’t expensive and I’ll use them for a pattern.

I also ordered a couple of yards of this… pillows maybe?

Of course, the 2 crocheted afghans I’m working on won’t go… I guess I’ll make gifts of them, and make new ones to match, along with a quilt or two… as time and health permit.

I also love doilies, and thought maybe this winter I’d make a couple for our end tables, which are round.

Yesterday I had someone out to measure for new blinds.  We have those faux plantation style wood ones, and I hate, hate hate them.  Who wants to dust those?  At least with the cheap metal ones, you can just replace them every year instead of cleaning them! 🙂

I’m going to order the Bali solar rollups, in a tweedy looking fabric, about the color of bark.  No strings for Siri to mess with either.

23 Apr

Customer longarming on hold for a bit


I know I haven’t been posting here much lately.  I’ve been having a nasty spell with migraines, to the point that I’m seeing a specialist in June (as early as I could get in).  In light of that, I’m not going to be taking in any customer quilts for a while.

I’m hanging in there with the gardening so far, but I haven’t gone out much and have been spending a fair amount of time in my recliner, either reading or crocheting.

I joined a couple of CAL’s (crochet-a-longs) and am enjoying working on both.

The mandala is about thirty inches in diameter now, and it is still absolutely fascinating to make.  It’s keeping me sane right now 🙂

The purple hexagons are part of another CAL called “Frida’s Flowers“.  I’m a week behind on that one but will be caught up in time for week three.  I’m doing the mandala in wool, and Frida’s Flowers in cotton.  LOVING the cotton yarn, I’ve never worked with it before.

Too bad I can’t sew in the recliner… I might get some quilting done.  But at least I still have a creative outlet, I’d go nuts without one!

08 Apr

Mandala Madness!


My yarn for the Mandala Madness crochet along (CAL) arrived yesterday after lunch.  I have been feverishly crocheting in a mad attempt to catch up, since the rest of the group is already working on week four… I’m about halfway through week one.

I’m using KnitPicks Swish DK weight, in wool, with a size (7) 4.5mm crochet hook.  This is such a wild quilt and there were so many colors, that I ended up ordering ten colors that I liked and am winging it from there!  My colors are a bit more muted and less contrasty than they appear in this picture, but it’s not the colors I want to talk about… it’s the amazing brain that came up with this!

If you’re like me, middle-aged, haven’t done much crocheting in years, I urge you to try this project.  Each round has me shaking my head in amazement, at the thought process that went into the design.  When you see how each round is made, it’s so incredibly fascinating you can’t stop!  I don’t even care if it turns out ugly as sin, this is seriously fun!

There is nothing difficult about it, and there is a video walking you through every step (it’s also free!).  I thought I knew all there was to know about crochet, but boy was I wrong.  I’m learning all sorts of new tricks!

I’ve made a little more progress on the virus shawl as well.

As much as I love this yarn, it is a booger to work with.  The KnitPicks on the other hand, is a breeze.  Thankfully 🙂

I smoked a small slab of salmon yesterday, haven’t done that in some time and it was so good!

And a while back, I had picked up one of those cheap Veggimatic’s that spiral cut vegetables.  I finally tried it and really liked it!  It worked fabulously on the zucchini, but the carrot strands broke a lot.  I don’t know if the better ones work better or not.

I just sautéed it in some butter and olive oil with a bit of black truffle salt, pepper, and thyme.  Quite tasty and simple!

The next series in the Craftsy 2016 BOM is also out and I need to work on it before I get behind, but I am tired of quilting and I really don’t enjoy doing appliqué… so we’ll see if I can prod myself into getting it done.