20 Oct

Kitchen progress


It’s painfully slow.  But the cabinet-maker was out today, and did the pantry overhaul.  This cabinet was divided in half from top to bottom, one side being a broom closet, and the other, a pantry…. if you have a vivid imagination.

It’s still not huge, but this is much improved!  My working flours, sugars and spices pretty much will fill the entire “pantry”.   But it will be nice to have them all in one place.

The slide out drawers can all be adjusted for height, and they pull completely out so you can get to everything at the very back.  I believe each drawer is good for a hundred pounds.

We have two corner cabinets that both had carousels in them, total waste of space in my book, so he removed those and added a shelf to each.  We also had a wine rack built-in that got removed as well, and a shelf added to it plus a door made so it’s just another cabinet.  However, the stain for the door was a poor match for the kitchen, so I sent it back with him along with another cabinet door for hopefully a better match.

The tile man is coming on Wednesday!  I think it will be a two-day job for him, but I am so looking forward to having my kitchen back again, it’s been about two months now since we started this!

I don’t know if I mentioned it on here or not, I’ve signed up for a couple of creative writing classes that I’m really enjoying (and where my energy has been directed).  I can’t quilt because half the contents of the kitchen are all over the garage where my longarm is… and at this point, when the kitchen is done I’m going to tear apart the garage and reorganize it. And my longarm is going to get a long overdue spa session before I even think about turning it on again.

Jim and I started on the fall yard and garden cleanup this weekend, and have placed the twenty-five blueberry plants that survived around the yard where they will be planted.  Next weekend, we hope to start on that.  We’ll be using the backhoe to plant them as that’s just too many holes to dig by hand, and the auger is up at the land.

I have a feeling spring will be upon us before we finish our fall chore list :)

13 Oct

Politically incorrect…

What Did You Call Me?

And happy to be so.  Because I find it extremely tiresome to be tried and judged every time I voice my opinions.

A friend of mine posted this image on her page.  It struck a chord with me that resonated to the point that I’m considering having it made into a sign and putting it in our front yard.

What Did You Call Me?No one wants to discuss politics (or religion).  Anytime you mention these distasteful subjects, people admonish, “This is not the place for that.  I didn’t come here to read about or talk about politics”.

In my mind, they just told me they object to freedom of speech.  That they would prefer to bury their heads in the sand while our world becomes more apathetic, and drown themselves in social media, television and silly games.

Sure, we all need a break from reality now and then.  But I think America has removed herself entirely from the here and now.

Jim and I discussed this morning how television has had such an impact on perception.  There’s so little left in the world that causes shock value because we are bombarded with it from all fronts.  TV, games, the news… they are all filled with violence, crime, sex, you name it.  And our children are raised on it.

There is no more “live, and let live” because everything is politically incorrect these days.

26 Sep

New kayaks!


After we traded the behemoth 5th wheel in on the new truck camper, I told Jim it would be really nice if we had a small boat we could tow behind it, since anywhere I want to go is going to be on the water, plus we live in an area with lot of lakes, creeks and rivers.

I had dreamed of a wide, stable, recreational canoe, because I mostly want to paddle around on the lakes, and that way we could take Cosmo along.  I put a fair amount of research into it and finally came to the realization that my back and neck issues weren’t going to allow me to do much paddling.

Then my friend Beth told me about pedal boats!  I looked at everything from (would you believe it!) peddle pontoon boats (!!) and finally, peddle kayaks.  And that’s what we ultimately decided was the best choice for us, even though Cosmo will not be able to join us on them. (Sorry Cosmo).

DSCF4621Delivered via semi truck onto our front end loader yesterday.  I had fun on Facebook asking people to guess what was in that package!

DSCF4628The trailer came separately, and in a million pieces.  The kayaks are too heavy to easily lift onto any type of rack, so we opted for a small trailer. It’s made for jet ski’s, but has a kayak package on it.

We chose two Native Slayer Propel 10’s.  They are just now hitting the market, and were available in previous years in a 13 foot model.  I had a really hard time choosing between these and the Hobie Pro Angler 12’s.  Both are fishing kayaks.  We don’t fish.  But nor do we do white water rapids and I liked the stability of the fishing kayaks.  Our trips will be short (no more than 3 hours) since we can’t take Cosmo along.  Since these were shorter and lighter, they won out.


Here’s the propel system.  It peddles just like a bicycle, more like a recumbent as you are semi reclined when peddling.  Jim’s assembled them but hasn’t attached them to the kayaks yet.

We were so excited to try them out this weekend, but alas we cannot find our paddles anywhere!